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It’s our tagline but what does it mean? It might sound like a clichéd slogan to some people but for us, ‘Centred Around You’ has real thought and meaning behind it. It’s at the heart of what we do and how we operate and was a starting point to the Bound Coaching & Behavioural Change journey.

The ‘Centred Around You’ concept was born out of a desire to convey a centralised and connected approach to who we coach, focussing on the needs of three types of you;

The individual;

The team; and,

The organisation.

The ‘Around You’ part refers to a systems-thinking way of seeing the world which can be beneficial to leadership vision and professional development. The idea is that ‘you’ sit in the centre, like a pivot point within a larger system which expands around you and outwards. The system is based on relationships you develop, places and spaces you occupy and beliefs you hold over time. The simplest way of showing this is with what I like to call our ‘all seeing-eye’! A lens if you like, from which to view the world. The example below is for the individual ‘you’ at a high level.

bound wellbeing system lens

To define a system, we simply say that it’s a series of relationships or interconnections around and between people, place, space and time. If you imagine a classic mind map or spider diagram, you get the idea. What is fascinating is that systems are multi-layered or you could say multi-dimensional so when two systems collide, there is often either integration, overlap or tension between their boundaries. Martin Seligman has referred to ‘wellbeing theory’ as the topic of positive psychology and in coaching, we can help you assess the wellbeing of your system(s) and how they operate.

The all seeing eye is a high level overview and there is more detail at a granular coaching level around this and we have another diagram which helps to visualise the broad themes within an individual, team and organisation’s system.  We will publish another blog soon about getting a balance between a number of these different themes, which is co-written with Prof. David Clutterbuck.

Using our ‘Centred Around You’ ethos and from personal coaching experience, I have simplified the learning & development journey using the three types of ‘you’ explained above. When working to improve every stage or layer below, it ultimately results in developing a workplace culture which is systemically functioning at its best. In other words, one that is healthy and well and in which people are happy and thrive. The three stages are:

1. Individual: Discovering Self – Feeling Centred: In many ways the workplace culture starts with an individual’s positive change in outlook whether that be a leader, manager, freelancer or clerical member of staff. If we see ourselves as a system, then firstly, it’s important to connect our mind and body and be in touch with our emotions and gut instinct to function at our best and behave from a centred existence. It requires a bit of reflection and self-discovery of your purpose and values but once achieved, clarity prevails. It’s important to feel whole and not live a short distance from your body but instead, align yourself as a whole person. Our feelings and emotions are a vital part of knowing ourselves and our reactions to situations. Emotional intelligence is a key skill for today’s workplace.

2. Team: Discovering Other – Navigating from the Centre: Next, we’re on the move! Once you have discovered more about yourself, it’s time to move outwards and focus on others. Here we are using our newly found connectedness and systems thinking to move around and explore beyond our ‘self’ towards understanding others in our team(s). Building on stage one and our enhanced self-awareness, we are able to build improved rapport, seek to listen to, and understand others’ perspectives better. There’s the old saying ‘put yourself in another’s shoes’ to fully see things from their point of view.

3. Organisation: Celebrating Other – Feeling Centrally Included + Valued. This final layer is a vital stage in developing workplace wellbeing and a culture to be proud of. It’s when all the intricate systems from individual self-discovery and connectedness, through to an appreciation and willingness to listen to others, teams, and ultimately the organisation, is brought together. An amplification if you will, of the prior two stages towards a whole system view.  After all, an organisation is simply a collection of individuals and teams working together which form the culture in which they operate. This cultural understanding is a celebration of what can be achieved when people collaborate well, are respected and valued. There is harmony and people are functioning at their best.

Centred Around You – the individual, team and organisation

With a ‘Centred Around You’, approach, organisations are more inclusive and purpose/values-led, and therefore future-ready. Surely this is a good and positive place to be? #CentredAroundYou

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