Our Journey

We came 
Henley Business School…

…following established careers across a wide range of sectors from Financial Services to International Development. Read our full Bios in the ‘Meet the team’ section here.

Our different backgrounds have enabled us to view the world from a variety of perspectives and helps us to stay open, inclusive and ready to embrace new challenges.

Between us, we know we can find the right thinking partner for you and we are eager to make that positive difference.  

Our values

We care about you and always ensure a safe space for you to explore in. We are bound by these values:


We believe in having fun as well as working hard. No matter how stretching your role(s), we seek out the joy and fulfilment to help you achieve the balance. We want you to be happy. This inspires us and is the ultimate goal of positive change.


We are open, honest and transparent and always provide a safe environment for you. We respect the individual and are uncompromising in our professionalism. We will always treat people fairly. We value inclusion, balance, equality and diversity.

Self Discovery

Life is an ongoing learning curve and opportunity. Nobody knows it all and we are the first to admit that. We value self-awareness and the clarity that prevails from it. Supervision is part of our own continued reflective practice and learning.


We seek creative and innovative ways to improve how things are done. We like to think differently about situations and challenge the status quo. After-all, what got you here, might not get you there. Join us for some exploration.

We’d Love to hear from yoU!

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