Ethan is an executive coach and entrepreneur. He is a strategic thinker who sees the world as a series of inter-connected systems which make up the whole picture. He uses creativity and innovation to bring ideas to life.

In coaching, particular areas of expertise from life experience include developing your authentic personal brand and identity, staying positive when dealing with change, leading with purpose and building resilience.

Ethan has a banking background having worked at HSBC Bank in Commercial Banking and progressed into leadership roles including London Region Management and Global Commercial Banking Governance at a senior level. He later founded, grew and exited an award-winning UK start-up business – WHEY AHEAD® Organic Protein.

Ethan is passionate about bringing the best out of people and has an in-built curiosity of human beings. Ethan approaches life as an exciting learning opportunity and believes that we can all better ourselves and improve our happiness and balance

Ethan loves being a husband and father. He is a certified Personal Trainer, passionate about sports, organic health/nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

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