Lydia  has board level experience in the UK and India having started, grown and sold her own consultancy business which specialised in international sustainable development. She has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America for governments, international charities and businesses. She has helped women and men in different cultures and contexts to maximize their potential.

She is passionate about equality and has worked for 20 years to improve lives for all and ensuring care for the environment.

As a coach, Lydia specialises in defining passion and energy and working on achieving a more fulfilled life .

Her can do attitude comes across in her coaching approach. She can help you see your potential and achieve what may be perceived as impossible for those who are willing to take the leap.

Her experience as an international consultant means that she is quick to assess the cultural context and systems within which individuals are operating. She can unpack where you are within your team and help you to navigate cultures and contexts where applicable.

She is able to help clients to see different aspects hidden from themselves She is a strategic thinker and helps clients to see the strategic focus of their work, helping them to achieve their individual and collective goals .


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