What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Wellbeing has a direct impact on the individual, team and organisation’s performance. Getting wellbeing right can therefore improve employee experience, inclusion, and retention. This can reduce costs to the business and increase productivity.

Positive Psychology

Wellbeing is the topic of Positive Psychology – the feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life. It has typically been associated with mental or physical health, however recent trends show wellbeing as more holistic and central to improving performance and culture.

Engagement & Relationships

How connected, included and motivated you feel has a direct impact on your engagement level. Your relationship with yourself and others inside and outside of work and wider (the system) and how positive and joined up these are is important for a sense of belonging. 

Purpose & Achievement

Finding meaning and a sense of purpose are often starting points to derive value out of what you do in life. People want to work for organisations that care and are driven by inclusive values and equally, somewhere they can add value and accomplish goals.

Our systems-outlook to Workplace Wellbeing

To achieve better workplace wellbeing at every level of your organisation, an understanding of the system in which the individual, team, organisation operates and how to navigate the flows between them, is a crucial way of thinking for today and the future. 
#CentredAroundYou #BoundForSuccess

bound wellbeing system lens

Our Solutions

Our work is #CentredAroundYou. You could be an executive wanting to develop and lead cultural transformation to ensure wellbeing and inclusion for your organisation, you might work in People & Talent Development and want to improve your employees’ experience and performance, or you could be a leader wanting to optimise your teams’ dynamics. Whoever you are, we are here for you:

We provide active listening and powerful questions to improve individual, team and organisational wellbeing and performance using a solutions-based and systems-thinking approach. This could be executive, leadership or team coaching through a programme based partnership which is aligned to your needs and fully flexible.
We offer organisational level or
team-based consulting to bring about positive behavioural change. We can help bring ideas to life across a range of areas including wellbeing strategy, D&I consulting and interventions, research and support on strategic and cultural changes, programme development and implementation.
We can give technical and soft skills training to support cultural change. We can co-create training material for programme delivery via e-learning, face-to-face or integrated approaches. We also help design and facilitate creative events. For example, we can support with keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops.
We can support an inclusive and healthy culture by designing and helping to implement mentoring programmes in organisations. This is an important way of ensuring expertise, information and experience is shared across the workplace ecosystem. We provide innovative solutions such as Reciprocal (reverse) and Outside-in Mentoring to encourage and help people navigate the system.  

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