At Bound Coaching we are passionate about improving your happiness and wellbeing. For us, happiness is an over-used word but it encapsulates the sentiment about the feeling we want for you. A feeling of positivity and joy both at work and at home. We believe that happy people are more productive people and who doesn’t want to be happy?!

What does happiness really mean though? Is it that child-like joy we get when we are uninhibited and in free-flow having fun? Is it as straight forward as keeping all the plates spinning and mastering work-life balance? In his book ‘Authentic Happiness’, Martin Seligman describes happiness as a measure of life satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. The goal of Seligman’s positive psychology was in increase life satisfaction. People with the greatest amount of positive emotion (cheerfulness), engagement and meaning in their lives score the highest in terms of happiness and satisfaction.

However, Seligman later makes the distinction in his subsequent book, Flourish, that actually happiness doesn’t go far enough to define Positive Psychology. It is actually ‘wellbeing’ which is the gold standard. He explains that happiness is a ‘thing’ whereas wellbeing is a ‘construct’. He uses a useful meteorological metaphor to further explain this, saying that happiness is a real thing such as rain, whereas wellbeing is like the term ‘weather’ which is made up of several measurable elements such as rain, wind, and temperature which contribute to it but do not define it.

The five measurable elements of wellbeing are:

  1. Positive Emotion (which includes happiness and life satisfaction)
  2. Engagement
  3. Relationships
  4. Meaning
  5. Achievement

When we work with clients, we want to see both an improvement in happiness and wellbeing because they represent a positive behavioural change. For us, coaching cuts through some of life’s complexity and provides room to breathe. We all need this space to fully flourish and stay happy, healthy and well.

We go further though, as we believe that to be fully well, we need to acknowledge you as a whole which includes thinking about your body as well as your mind. This might simply be to realise when you respond physically such as turning red in the face or getting a ‘gut feeling’ in response to situations you feel uneasy about and helping you find ways to navigate them. Or, it could be to understand enough about yourself and your perceived stress levels, that scheduling some regular exercise (or setting yourself a physical challenge like climbing a mountain!) is an important priority and release for you to function at your best.

Whatever your needs, it is important to see the whole picture and the journey of self-discovery and awareness raising is a joined-up, body + mind experience. Far too often we put people and things in boxes and silo our world. A connected, balanced approach is far more powerful and effective. This begins to break down the boundaries that exist in people, teams and organisations and promotes a culture of inclusion, happiness and wellbeing. #BoundForSuccess #CentredAroundYou

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